Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Second In-Class Meeting, A Whole New Idea to Our Game!

At the beginning of class, we were a bit hesitant of how much we would be able to get done in class today.  For the first ten minutes of class, we were still struggling with how to change our game around. One person in our group brought up the idea of making the game not have a theme at all. The idea of a no theme game would make us be able to think of more ideas for the acting and drawing categories to our game.

As we talked and discussed our game more, we somehow decided that we should change the game board up completely, while still keeping the draw, act, hangman, and trivia elements of the original game idea. Instead of having a 8 by 8 circle game board, we decided to make our game board more like a race track divided into four sections. Each section would have a category (act, hangman, draw, or trivia), which would allow each team to pick where they wanted to start out at first. This idea seemed to be more ideal and more interesting to play. With the game board set, the next step is to create a theme for our board game.  We came to the conclusion that it is still best to have a game with a central theme, so the categories won't be too random. Thinking of a theme will be tough, but after this step, things will get a lot easier.

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