Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Start to the Final Game

Today in class was the first day we got together in our new groups to discuss the final game project. Even though we already had a basic game idea in mind, we realized there still needed to be many changed made to it. We were surprised that we spent the entire two and a half hours in class just talking to each other about how to make the game better. We found it to be very challenging to alter the rules and try to make the game as interesting for the target audience. After two and a half hours of talking, we came up with some new ideas like making our game involve some trading and money, which would better enhance the farm theme for our game.

Our group decided that for homework, we would each have to come up with ideas for what to put on the word cards, which will be used for drawing, hangman, taboo, and acting. Instead of waiting a whole week before working on the game again, it is best to work on it a bit outside of class, so more things can be accomplished during the next class.

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